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In this category, we focus on providing valuable resources to help people to gain knowledge, improve their skills and assimilate new ideas in order to

unlock their inventive potentials.

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ERECTOR Technology &

Engineering Museum

The museum is an interactive space for our ERECTOR people to learn ERECTOR history, experience new technology and also build things by using new technology and materials, which aims to inspire people

to unlock new and unique ideas. 


Exploratorium, The Tech Interactive


ERECTOR Technology & Engineering Museum specifically targets ERECTOR people to introduce them some ERECTOR-unique techniques and materials

are only shown in the ERECTOR Technology & Engineering Museum. 

ERECTOR Technology & 

Engineering Museum 

reinforces our mission 

of inspiring people’s 

ingenuity by introducing

the new materials and 

technology that aims to

help unlock their ideas.


Summer Camp

ERECTOR Summer Camp is a one-week summer program that engages kids to observe and explore the world

out of their schools and homes to get inspired and interact with other kids. The camp will design some teamwork tasks for kids to work and solve problems together. 


Adventure Day Camp, Camp Edmo 


ERECTOR Summer Camp uses ERECTOR construction sets as tools for kids to work together to unlock new ideas.

ERECTOR Summer Camp 

reinforces our mission 

of engaging collaborative 

building by providing 

meaningful teamwork 

tasks for kids to improve their interpersonal 

skills and cultivate their ingenuity. 

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